Distinct…eye-catching…daringly different!  This unique approach to image selection and range creation is what makes Almanac the stand out boutique card publisher in the UK.

Purchased in 2008 it offers a fresh identity to the ranges within The Great British Card Company. Its’ core style and association with high quality art.  Along with a growing success for the everyday ranges, it has developed a strong reputation within the charity card sector and again has built long-standing relationships with some of the UK’s best-known charities such RNLI and The World Wildlife Fund.

Ranges include:

Animal Magic. Almanac Art. Thread Drawn. Maddy McClellan. Indian Summer. Ken Eardley. Shawn St Peter. Ailsa Black. Barry Goodman. Copper Tree. Gaia. Heavenly Creatures. Hobby Horse. Moda. Motif. Natural History Museum. Nicholas Hely Hutchinson. Almanac Notelets. Over the Rainbow. Perennial. Rodgie Humour. Sporting Life. Susie Perring. Wildlife Colourfoil.