We were delighted to showcase the stunning work of Oliver Pyle at the Spring Fair who’s work will be part of our Medici Range.  Oliver has established himself as a successful landscape artist, working exclusively in watercolour. Entirely self-taught, his work is to be found in collections across the country and internationally.  Oliver’s work explores the impact of light, the weather, and the seasons and how these combine to achieve paintings that are evocative and atmospheric; “As a landscape artist my inspiration comes from being outdoors where light, smells, sounds, and textures all combine to deliver an outstanding sensory experience – let’s call it ‘atmosphere’ if you like. My aim is to turn those experiences into colours and brushstrokes, creating a sense of the place for viewers to enjoy.” Oliver finds that watercolour is the perfect medium for capturing the vagaries of the British climate, allowing him to make a perfect response to the cool Northern light in the UK; “My work is almost predominantly based on landscapes and cityscapes in the UK. There is an extraordinary diversity to the landscape, and the changing seasons and variable weather create endless opportunities and subjects, and my work is really a celebration of the wonderful country that we live in. Watercolour helps me to create a fresh perspective, the delicate tones and colours combining to create paintings that are often peaceful and softly lit.”

Oliver Pyle’s collection will be available to buy within our Medici Cards range in April 2016.